What you see is what you compute.

clip_8 is probably best described as a visual virtual machine operating on inline SVG in the DOM.


Bring drawing and programming together.

How it works

Instead of written (text-based) code, programs are SVG images with a particular arrangement of geometric elements.

clip_8 interprets the SVG image:

  1. Decode the arrangement of circles, lines, rectangles, paths, polygones as instructions, control flow, and data.

  2. Execute one instruction after the other.

    a) Instructions manipulate the data elements, i.e. cut, align, resize, or move them.

    b) Control flow, defines the order of instructions, alternatives etc.

Getting Started

Demos, for a first impression.

Tutorial, draw and execute an SVG.

For recent user information please check the Tutorial and Getting Started Issues.

Klippen, the clip_8 interpreter; online test environment.

Web Assembly / Browser compatibility

To run on a local machine, please use a local http server, e.g.:

python -m http.server 8000 --bind


FIXME: Screenshot of workflow.

Tests / Language documentation

The integration tests are provided in Reference Test Sheets which serve as language reference, simultaneously.


For generating demos, tutorials and reference test pages checkout python the scripts in bin.

For the wasm modules use make in the rs directory.

Copyright 2016, 2017 Martin Brösamle.